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Health Regulatory - 20-10-23 / Sisanda Ndlovu

Council for Medical Schemes releases Preliminary Industry Trends 2022 report

"Medical schemes saw higher claims in 2021 due to pent-up demand, leading to increased utilisation. Risk…

Health Regulatory - 12-10-23 / Sisanda Ndlovu

Breast Cancer Awareness: Male breast cancer

"Early detection of male breast cancer increases the likelihood of a successful treatment. However, many…

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Investigations - 12-05-23 / Staff Writer

Section 59 Investigation - Legal Submissions Virtual Hearings

The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) said in light of the delay since the publication of the Interim…

Investigations - 19-04-23 / Sisanda Ndlovu

FNB sees increased demand for student loans as pay-outs rise by 116%

test health

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Wellness - 03-07-24 / Daniel Nkosi

Building a culture of wellness by fostering a healthy and financially secure workforce

"While encouraging healthy lifestyles through fitness programmes and mental health support is vital,…

Wellness - 27-06-24 / Daniel Nkosi

Men's Health Month: Unlocking the connection between diet, lifestyle and BPH

“The Urology Care Foundation estimates that half of men between 51-60 years of age have BPH, and up to…

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Opinions - 15-05-24 / Sisanda Ndlovu

Samantha Varela | Why the retroactive date on your medical malpractice insurance policy matters

"In essence, a policyholder's retroactive date refers to the date that they first obtained or incepted…

Opinions - 14-05-24 / Sandra Sampson

Sandra Sampson | Specialist TES providers optimising healthcare operations

"Many healthcare organisations now operate with a 50/50 ratio of permanent placements and temporary resources,…

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